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Crysis 2 Maximum - Windows





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CRYSIS 2 RETALIATION MAP PACK Gamers can strap into their Nanosuits and return to the streets of New York in Crysis 2 with the Retaliation map pack. Retaliation features four maps that introduce new iconic locations to the fun, addictive and fast-paced multiplayer campaign that helped make Crysis 2 a critical and commercial success. New maps in Retaliation include "Park Avenue", Transit", "Shipyard" and "Compound". CRYSIS 2 DECIMATION MAP PACK The Crysis 2 Decimation Pack brings all new maps and weapons to the Crysis 2 universe. Battle in all-new locations and once again prove yourself the master of the Nanosuit. Included in this pack you will find New Maps 5th Avenue, Chasm, Plaza, Prism, Apartments. New Weapons FY71 Assault Rifle - First off there is the FY71 Assault Rifle, perfect for tearing through a line of enemies or battling over long distance; Smoke Grenade - Secondlywe're pleased to introduce the Smoke Grenade. Now you can grab a little extra protection when stranded out in the open with low power on your Nansuit. It's also an excellent tool for sneaking past enemy defenses, or covering your retreat in an emergency situation! LIMITED EDITION CONTENT Bonus XP Access to preset classes plus a custom class Scar weapon Skin - Scar assault rifle digital camouflage Weapon Attachment - Day 1 access to scar hologram decoy Unique Platinum Dog Tag - Display your multiplayer rank and stats. Please note: Online multiplayer support for this game is provided by GameSpy and they are deactivating these services. This change will not affect the single-player campaign or any additional Origin features. For more details, please read EA¿s online service updates page.