Heroes of the Storm Starter Pack - Windows|Mac

Heroes of the Storm Starter Pack - Windows|Mac





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You've engaged in epic battles in Azeroth, among the stars and in the depths of Hell. Embarked on thrilling quests, and lost yourself in the immersive storylines. Now, your favorite characters — both good and evil — are joining forces for epic five-on-five team-based brawling action. Are you ready to become one of the Heroes of the StormGet ready to enter The Nexus, a multiverse where Blizzard's characters from World of Warcraft, StarCraftand Diablo cross paths and engage in epic, team-based battles in Heroes of the Storm. Choose from dozens of your favorite heroes and villains to create an awesome team that have to use strategy, their particular set of skills and more to vanquish foes and seize victory. Use the fully customizable talent system to personalize your characters with a variety of tactical options and abilities. Uncover dynamic objectives in each battleground to achieve victory. Act, strategize and attack quickly, as most matches only last around 20 minutes — which means, you can always get one more round in. Get started right away with this Starter Pack, which includes a copy of the game, a Golden Tiger Mount, Sonya (Warrior), Zeratul (Assassin), Zagara (Specialist), Li Li (Support) and Jaina (Assassin) heroes, a Ronin Zeratul Skin and a quick-start guide. A stormis coming, are you ready to become a Hero?