Infinity K1000 1000W x 1 Car Amplifier

Infinity K1000 1000W x 1 Car Amplifier





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High tech and stylish Infinity's Kappa K1000 mono subwoofer amplifier supplies your subwoofer with up to 1,000 watts RMS - good newsfor all you bass fans out there. The space age-looking brushed aluminum chassis features dancing, signal-level LEDs which add to the amp's high-tech look and overall coolness factor. Connectivity is the name of the game This amplifiercan accept low- or speaker-level inputs so it'll work in almost any system. Infinity includes screw-onRCA-to-bare wire adapters with the ampto make sure you can make the proper connections. The Kappa K1000 sub ampwillintegrate perfectlyinto a systemthat uses amatchingInfinity Kappa K2 or Kappa K4 full-range amplifier with its handy Bluetooth connection. Good with bass A low-pass filter clears the way for your sub to play clean, powerful bass. The Kappa K1000 subwoofer amp alsofeatures Infinity's Dynamic Bass Optimizer (DBO(tm)) circuitry, which uses a subsonic filter and bass boost to optimize the performance of your sub and enclosure combo. Kappa K1000 input and control panel