Infinity K5 75W x 4 + 350W x 1 Car Amplifier

Infinity K5 75W x 4 + 350W x 1 Car Amplifier





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High tech and stylish Power your entire system with one relatively compact amplifier. Infinity's Kappa K5 5-channel car amplifier can supply each of your four full-range speakers with 75 watts RMS while it drives a sub with up to 350 watts - good news for all you music fans out there.Even better, you can stream music directly from a Bluetooth device to this amp, while its built-in processing restores the excitement in your music that data compression removes. Plus, the dancing, signal-level LEDs on the cover add to the amp's high-tech look and overall coolness factor. Connectivity is the name of this game You can stream music from your compatible Bluetooth device directly to the K5, for convenient, wireless play that bypasses your car's radio. The Party Mode feature allows up to three different sources to stream, so more people can join in the fun. The included wired remote gives you handy controls for Bluetooth streaming, hands-free calling, Party Mode, and Clari-Fi signal processing. Powerful and versatile You can put the K5 into 3-channel mode and drive a couple high-performance speakers with 200 watts RMS each, along with 350 watts for the sub. Separate high- and low-pass filters on the front and rear channels match the amp's output to your speakers, increasing the efficiency of the system. The Kappa K5 subwoofer channel features Infinity's Dynamic Bass Optimizer (DBO(tm)) circuitry, which uses a subsonic filter and bass boost to optimize the performance of your sub and enclosure combo. Decompression saves the sound Downloaded digital music and streaming services apply data compression to their files so you can store more of them on your devices, but compressed music sounds noticeably duller than uncompressed files. Harman's Clari-Fi(tm) sound restoration technology improves the sound quality of your digital music by analyzing the data and then reconstructing the parts that were removed during the compression process.