JBL MPS1000 10-Inch 250-Watt Powered Marine Subwoofer

JBL MPS1000 10-Inch 250-Watt Powered Marine Subwoofer





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Upgrade the sound on your boat with the MPS1000 10-inch, 250-Watt Powered Marine Subwoofer from JBL®. The MPS1000 offers the big, heart-thumping bass you need to break through the engine noise, waves, and gusty wind you will encounter on the water. Built to withstand harsh salt air and corrosion, the MPS1000 features a marinized circuit board with controls located on the front panel under a watertight, protective cover, as well as a polypropylene cone and stainless steel hardware--to withstand anything. With 12dB electronic crossovers, the MPS1000 offers tuning options for systems of all sizes while the variable bass-boost optimizes the performance even when you have limited placement options. Finally, thanks to its compact size and low heat sink, it is easy to install the MPS1000 in tight spaces.m)