Kingston 16Gb Ik D300 Encrypted Usb 3.0 Fips L3

Kingston 16Gb Ik D300 Encrypted Usb 3.0 Fips L3





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Ultra fast, secure and rugged - and now with twice the capacity of IronKey USB 2.0 flash drives.<BR></B></B><BR> <P><B>DEPLOY MOBILE WORKERS WITH CONFIDENCE</B></P> <P>Protecting the sensitive data that employees and contractors work with has evolved from an IT best practice to a business imperative. And once workers go mobile - whether they're working from home, field offices, or while traveling - it becomes even more difficult to keep data secure. That's why we developed IronKey Basic S1000 USB 3.0 hardware-encrypted flash drives. They give your mobile workforce a convenient, high-performing portable storage solution with room for even the largest data sets. And they give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is safe.</P> <P><B>DON'T LET LARGE DATA FILES SLOW YOU DOWN</B></P> <P>Larger data sets mean longer wait times for mobile workers trying to stay productive while on the road. Now with IronKey Basic S1000 USB 3.0 drives, they can stop waiting and start working. This USB 3.0 SuperSpeed drive delivers blazing read performance of up to 400MB/sec. That's 2x faster than competing USB 3.0 drives and up to 10x faster than USB 2.0 drives (utilizing a PC, laptop or tablet with a USB 3.0 port).</P> <P><B>ENHANCED ENCRYPTION = GLOBAL COMPLIANCE</B></P> <P>It's tough enough keeping up with data security regulations here in the US - from HIPAA and HITECH to GLBA - but the picture becomes even more complicated internationally