Motorcycle Club - PlayStation 4

Motorcycle Club - PlayStation 4





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Your gloves grip the throttle as you pull the visor down on your helmet. The engine roars and you can smell the oil, gas and asphalt. Your heart pounds within your chest, but you exude confidence. You've screamed down straightaways, careened around hairpin bends and dueled with rivals on numerous tracks. Now, it comes down to this — only one race to go, and everything is on the line. Will you be able to capture the checkered flag for your clubYou're all geared up and atop your favorite ride — it's time to see what you've got in this Motorcycle Club. More than 20 bikes from Kawasaki, BMW, Yamaha and more are at your fingertips, as you compete in 20 adrenaline-pumping two-wheeled races in the U.S. and Japan against individual riders or other clubs. Develop and hone your handling skills on 9 superbikes, 10 roadster bikes and 3 custom bikes, each with unique maneuvers and mechanics. Customize your club with riders, helmets, emblems and more, and enjoy a racing experience tailored to your skill level with four difficulty levels. Are you ready to join the lightning-fast world of motorcycle racing?