Pioneer Blu Ray Combo Drive BDC-207DBK
Pioneer Blu Ray Combo Drive BDC-207DBK

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Pioneer Electronics USA Blu Ray Combo Drive BDC-207DBK

Want to add Blu-ray playback capability to your PC? Want to convert your PC into a home theatre system?  Already have software? Then the BDC-207DBK Blu-ray Combo drive is for you. The BDC-207DBK drive is perfect for system builders, for those looking to upgrade to a Blu-ray player, or for those who already have software.  

The BDC-207DBK is an internal SATA drive. It can read  up to 8x with BD-R (25GB) and BD-R dual layer (50GB) media.  The drive is also backwards compatible, so it can read and write to most DVD and CD formats. Click on the "Specifications" tab to see all supported media formats, as well as the read and write speeds achievable.  

Want to watch Blu-ray 3D titles? Well the BDC-207DBK drive is 3D capable. All you need is 3D playback software and a 3D display system and you're ready to go.   

The BDC-207DBK drive has features such as a QuickStart which enables the disc to be ready 42% faster than previous models; a Noise Suppression design to minimize noise, helpful when watching movies or listening to music; an Anti-Dust design to increase durability; and Precision Writing Technology to minimize write errors. And of course being a Pioneer drive, the BDC-207DBK drive supports a wide range of blank media.