Pure Pool - PlayStation 4

Pure Pool - PlayStation 4





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You've been battling back and forth with your opponent for an hour. Blocking his shots with carefully placed balls, sinking your own and pulling off unbelievable trick shots. Now, you have one ball remaining and he has placed an obstacle in front of it — it'll take some finesse to sink it and win. You examine the table and scope out the angles while chalking your cue. You carefully line up the shot and strike the cue ball with the right amount of English, as it breaks perfectly around his obstacles and knocks the 8-ball into the pocket. Grab your cue and rack 'em up, as you break and showcase your slick skills in this popular sport on your PlayStation 4 in Pure Pool. Bring the pool hall home as you play on tables with immersive photorealistic visuals in 1080p high-definition. Try your hand in five thrilling game modes, including Killer, American 8 Ball, 9 Ball, Accumulator and Blackball. Compete against a unique AI player with DNA Profile or go up against a friend. When your friend takes a break, Pure Pool copies his or her playstyle for a seamless transition. Take your talents online to challenge other players around the world in multiplayer gameplay and see how you stack up on the global leaderboards. Are you ready to line up your shot and become a pool legend?