SSL SVA4 Video Signal Amplifier, Single Source In, Four Outputs

SSL SVA4 Video Signal Amplifier, Single Source In, Four Outputs





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With a wide range of DVD players, video games and monitors available, users often find that the video signal level is not well matched to their chosen monitor. This frequently occurs in systems where more than one monitor is present. In such multi-monitor systems, the video signal from your DVD player (or other video source) must be split and routed to the other monitors, resulting in a drop in signal strength to all of the monitors. Typically, a monitor that is receiving a video signal whose strength is inadequate will display an image too dark or unclear. By installing a multi-channel video signal amplifier like the SVA4, you can independently amplify the signal being sent to each monitor. The SVA4 will deliver four separate video outputs. Before starting, rotate the output level controls on your new video signal amplifier to MINIMUM. Turn on the video monitor whose video input signal you wish to amplify. Turn on your DVD player (or other video source), and play a familiar video program. At the MINIMUM setting, your monitor image is probably dark and unsatisfactory to view. Now slowly increase the output gain level for that monitor, until the picture is clear and bright. Continue to increase the gain level until you begin to see lines or other undesirable characteristics in the picture. Finally, reduce the gain level back to the point where you feel the picture is best from the standpoint of color, brightness, and freedom from defects. Leave the control set at this level. Repeat this process with the other monitors in your mobile video system.