Whistler 5050EX High Performance Laser Radar Detector

Whistler 5050EX High Performance Laser Radar Detector





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The Whistler 5050EX elite Series laser Radar detector features Whistler fads (field disturbance sensor rejection), the most recent advancement to combat new vehicles equipped with frequency-modulated continuous Wave (fact) K band blind spot and collision avoidance devices that clutter nearly all of K band causing a normal Radar detector to alert continuously. The traffic flow signal rejection (tsar) technology helps eliminate false alerts from Radar based traffic flow monitoring systems. This high-performance unit features dozens of additional features, including a bright, bilingual (English/Spanish) Blue ogled text display and real voice alerts, and an internal gaps, Providing alerts for Red light and speed camera locations for U.S. And Canada; the database for which is pre-installed and can be updated via USB cable. There's a programmable function button, selectable tone alerts, as well as a Settings saver and stay alert option. The traffic flow signal rejection (tsar) feature helps eliminate false alerts from radar-based traffic flow monitoring systems. Several additional detection modes can also be utilized, including total laser detection, pop mode detection, total band protection, 360-degree mix coverage and vg-2 detection. Personalize your Settings with a dim/Dark mode, filter mode, 3 City modes/highway mode, Quiet, auto Quiet, alert priority Settings and a selectable vehicle battery saver. Whistler is a leader in International state-of- the-art mobile electronics and Automotive laser/Radar detection systems. Throughout the years, Whistler has innovated and patented important product advances, resulting in first-to-market accomplishments and top performance rankings. Our relentless Pursuit of innovative design and technology ensures a high-performance, user-friendly, and value priced product.