Woods 041706 6-Outlet Multimedia Energy-Saving Protectors with Coax Protection, 3-Feet (White)

Woods 041706 6-Outlet Multimedia Energy-Saving Protectors with Coax Protection, 3-Feet (White)





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The WOODS 041706 Multimedia 6-Outlet Surge Protector saves energy and money! Energy Saving strips help eliminate wasted energy known as phantom power by automatically turning off peripheral devices when not in use. Reducing phantom power can save you as much as 15% on your energy bills. The Woods strip is perfect for the home media with included 1-in/1-out coax cable protection. This item features 1500-joules of surge protection, (3) ENERGY SAVING outlets to automatically turn off peripheral devices such as a DVD player or printer, (2) NON-CONTROLLED outlets for devices you always want powered on such as a satellite receiver or cordless phone and (1) MASTER outlet for the main controlling device such as a television or computer. This item protects household electronics from surges, spikes and other electrical imbalances that can occur on your home power line. The red surge protection LED indicator illuminates to show the unit is working properly and that your connected equipment is surge protected. The surge protector has (6) grounded 3-pronged outlets, a 3-foot power cord and a right angle plug that allows you to move furniture closer to the wall. Each outlet is equipped with a rotatable safety cover to protect children from unintentional shock. The EMI/RFI noise filter allows clean power to enter your equipment and reduces harmf UL EMI and RFI noise that may cause unexpected data loss and unintended signal infiltration. The Woods 041706 Energy Saving Multimedia 6-Outlet 1500-Joule Surge Protector comes with a 100,000-dollar connected equipment warranty that provides the peace of mind knowing your valuable electronics are covered. Coleman Cable, Inc. offers a family of leading brands such as Moonrays, Fire Shield and Woods. Woods has been a leading developer of electrical products for consumers and professional contractors. With years of experience, Woods Industries collaborates with their customers to deliver quality products to retail.